Patient & Aggressive

by williamallen

Recently I was invited to speak on a panel at ‘Landor Day’, an annual celebration held by Landor Associates, a world-class branding agency. The topic was branding in an era of radical transparency and rapid iteration.

I spoke about the need for creatives, strategists and entrepreneurs to be both patient and aggressive:

Much like Intel founder’s Andy Grove’s point that only the paranoid survive, so too, was the advice provided to our Walter’s Day audience by Will Allen, Head of Strategy and Operations at Behance, an online platform that gives creative professionals from around the globe the opportunity to showcase their work widely and efficiently. (Behance gets over 75 million page views from over 10 million visitors a month. Talk about building scale fast.) “It’s about looking at your current product every day and being dissatisfied with the status quo.”Success in this market takes the right balance of patience and aggressiveness,” he counseled. “We have over 100 metrics for determining how to make our product better. You have to know in your gut, and learn from your customers, when to make a change or even to reverse course. If you stand still, you will fall behind.”

You can read more about the panel over at Forbes.